Steven Hull

Chief Operating Officer Steven Hull at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care

Steven is a Texas native and started his urgent care career as a radiologic technologist in Waco, TX in 2009.  He developed a deep passion for the urgent care industry and obtained his bachelor’s in business administration from Tarleton University in 2014 and his MBA from Tarleton University in 2021.  He was able to work with many great leaders in the urgent care industry through his various roles from 2009 to 2017, when he became the co-owner and the chief operations officer for Integrity Urgent Care in Texas.  After the acquisition of Integrity Urgent Care by Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in 2022, Steven became the chief operations officer for both brands.

Steven and his amazing wife have four wonderful children and in his downtime he enjoys photography, mountain biking, and playing games with his family.