Now offering behavioral health counseling services in Oklahoma

Behavioral Health

Counseling Services in Oklahoma

Whole wellness includes sound health in both the body and mind. Xpress Wellness Urgent Care treats a variety of behavioral health issues such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and relationship problem that create problems in your daily life living. If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, contact us to get the help you need.

Sessions are held via telehealth, phone or video conference, with a provider or can be held in person in certain clinics. To learn more about our behavioral health services or to request an initial appointment, contact us to get in touch with our team. 

Behavioral health services are only available in Oklahoma at this time. Services coming to Kansas soon.

What we treat

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care offers services for a wide variety of emotional and behavioral concerns, including:

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, TRICARE and HealthChoice for behavioral health services.

No insurance or high deductible? We offer competitive self pay rates.
$135 for initial visit and $85 for follow up visits.

All payments, including your co-pay, coinsurance, and/or deductible, are due at the time of service.

Woman seeing a behavioral health specialist at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care

What is behavioral health?

Many people confuse behavioral health and mental health, but the two concepts are distinct. While mental health describes emotional and psychological well-being, behavioral health refers to the way human behavior affects overall health and vice versa. Our behavioral health providers help patients with everything from substance abuse to weight management to depression.

Oftentimes, behavioral health and mental health go hand-in-hand. Behavior affects thought processes and chemicals in the brain. Likewise, thoughts and brain chemistry affect how people behave. Xpress Wellness Urgent Care focuses on behavioral health, but addressing mental health is a key component to our treatments.

Woman seeing a behavioral health specialist virtually at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care

Now offering behavioral health counseling services in Oklahoma

Meet with a professional counselor from the comfort of your own home

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Our service options include:

Telehealth and in person care icon

Telehealth & in-office counseling

Seeking behavioral health services is already a huge step toward a healthier mind. The last thing we want to do is inconvenience you by making you take an unnecessary trip to our clinic, especially if you don’t live near one of the locations that provides these services. That’s why we offer telehealth options to anyone in Oklahoma. You can easily schedule appointments from your phone or computer.

If you prefer to seek in-office counseling, that’s okay too! We’re happy to see you in person. A lot of our patients prefer the physical presence of their behavioral health provider, and we will gladly accommodate anyone seeking treatment.

Bilingual Treatment icon

Bilingual treatment

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care can provide translators in many different languages.

Do you speak Spanish? No problem. Many of our staff members speak Spanish too. If your provider doesn’t speak Spanish, we’re also happy to provide you with an interpreter. There’s no need to let a language barrier prevent you from getting the help you need. Translators are also available for other languages.

¿Eres hispanohablante? No hay problema. Muchos de los miembros de nuestro personal también hablan español. Si su proveedor no habla español, también nos complace proporcionarle un traductor. No hay necesidad de permitir que la barrera del idioma le impida obtener la ayuda que necesita.

Families icon

Children, families, adults, and seniors

The importance of behavioral health has no age limit. Whether you’re worried about your child or aging relative, there’s no reason to put off or dismiss the prospect of treatment. We are happy to see patients of all ages for any situation.

Medicine icon

Medication Assisted Therapy

Sometimes therapy alone is the ideal treatment for behavioral health issues. Other times, medication is necessary to bring relief. If you and your provider determine that medication management is right for you, we’ll coordinate with your primary care physician or psychiatrist to get you what you need.

Primary Care icon

Primary care behavioral health (PCBH) consultation model

The PCBH consultation model is a functional assessment to determine symptoms, their root causes, and how they affect a patient’s ability to function normally in their lives. We use this model to determine the best plan for eliminating or reducing symptoms and improving behavioral health.

What sets the PCBH model apart from others is that it integrates behavioral health into a primacy care setting. When you separate behavioral health from physical health systems and treatment, the results can often lead to increased costs, fragmented treatment, duplicate services, and other problems. We believe integrated care is essential for wellness as a whole.

Solution focused icon

Short term and solution focused therapy

Our providers at Xpress focus on evidence-based treatments. We know that every patient’s life situation, experiences, problems, strengths, and relationships are unique, so we carefully select the treatments and therapies that are most likely to make a positive difference. Depending on the patient and situation, these could include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Trauma-focused/trauma-informed therapy
  • Systems therapy
  • Behavioral activation therapy
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Get the behavioral health treatment you need today

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care is your Oklahoma behavioral health home. Telehealth services are offered anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. If you prefer in-person services, please contact us for available locations. You don’t need to be an existing patient, and you don’t need to have a referral from a doctor. For your convenience, services can be provided wherever you are with the use of your phone, computer, or tablet.

Medicaid, Medicare, and some insurance plans are accepted.

Contact us to learn more about our behavioral health services or to request an initial appointment.

Meet Our Behavioral Health Providers

Justin Simmons, LCSW behavioral health provider at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in Oklahoma

Justin Simmons, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider

Justin Simmons is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oklahoma with nearly 30 years of professional experience in providing social services administration and clinical treatment. Justin is the behavioral health program manager for Xpress Wellness and Integrity Urgent Care. Justin has worked in social services administration, mental health and substance use disorder treatment since 1994. He has been married for 30+ years and has 6 children. Justin and his wife have experience in foster parenting and adoptions. Justin has served in several social services organizations to advocate for vulnerable and/or oppressed client systems by improving services, increasing access to care, and supporting policy changes. Justin has been the executive director in nonprofit social service agencies for 20+ years. He is a trained primary care behavioral health consultant working closely with primary care medical providers to treat the whole person in a person-centered approach to care. Justin received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2001. Justin specializes in a variety of culturally sensitive and trauma informed clinical interventions to improve the well-being of individuals, families, couples, organizations, and communities. Justin utilizes his extensive experience in social services administration and clinical treatment to provide a high-quality behavioral health program within Xpress Wellness and Integrity Urgent Care.

Micah Graves-Barnett, MSW, LCSW behavioral health provider at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in Oklahoma

Micah Graves-Barnett, MSW, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider

Micah Graves-Barnett was raised in western Oklahoma until the age of ten, when her family relocated to eastern New Mexico. She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 2001, then returned to Oklahoma to attend graduate school at the University of Oklahoma. In 2003, she received a Master of Social Work.

Micah was initiated into medical social work while still in graduate school. She was hired at a level two trauma emergency room, and she couldn’t have asked for a more informative, exciting, and fun start to her career.

In 2006, she began what turned into a sixteen-year career in hospice. Just two years later, she received an award for Oklahoma Hospice and Palliative Care Award for Social Worker of the Year. She’s truly enjoyed this area of social work, particularly the knowledge she’s gained from working alongside so many incredible nurses, doctors, aides, chaplains, and volunteers in the field.

ADHD counseling for both children and adults is of particular interest to Micah. She was fortunate enough to have owned a private practice dedicated to ADHD treatment, and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Micah and her daughter relocated to Owasso in July 2022, where they enjoy the small community as well as weekend road trips to experience all that Tulsa and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Carrie Smith, LCSW behavioral health provider at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in Oklahoma

Carrie Smith, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider

Carrie Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oklahoma and Arkansas. After graduating from Arkansas State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, she gained experience as a case manager in school-based mental health, coordinated pediatric day treatment services. She later served as a manager for two Early Head Start sites.

Carrie completed a Master of Science in Social Work with a clinical concentration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in December 2009. She then worked for approximately fifteen years in the medical social work field, providing direct patient care and serving as an administrator. She joined Xpress Wellness as a Behavioral Health Consultant to provide therapy services with the goal of improving patient outcomes and quality of life. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her two rescue dogs.

Shylah Ridgway, LCSW behavioral health provider at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in Oklahoma

Shylah Ridgway, LCSW

Behavioral Health Provider

Shylah Ridgway is an Oklahoma native who earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma. She has more than ten years of experience providing mental health services to people of all ages; offering individual, family and group therapy in outpatient, school, nursing facility, and medical settings. Shylah is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. She has been certified in The Daring Way, the work of Dr. Brené Brown, for three years.

Shylah and her wonderful husband Chad have two amazing children, Kedrick and Kymbri, and five dogs. She enjoys traveling, reading, traveling, spending time with her family, and traveling.

Now offering behavioral health counseling services in Oklahoma

Meet with a professional counselor from the comfort of your own home