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Access to Primary Care in Rural Oklahoma & Kansas 

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Living in rural areas usually means that access to primary healthcare is limited. Doctor’s offices are often far away, which poses a challenge for coordinating schedules and mobility limitations with long commute times. Thankfully, Xpress Wellness provides primary care in some locations and offers telehealth appointments that can be done from the comfort of your home. At Xpress Wellness, we believe quality healthcare should be available to everyone, which is why we’ve made access to primary care in rural Oklahoma and Kansas a reality.

The Importance of Primary Care in Rural Areas 

Country living comes with its own unique set of challenges when it comes to healthcare. Lengthy drives to the doctor, increased risk for certain types of injuries, and fewer primary care facilities are all common concerns for those living in rural Oklahoma. This is especially true for patients that don’t have reliable transportation, or who have decreased mobility. Chronic health conditions are also more difficult to manage in rural settings compared to urban communities, due to the lack of resources and facilities. 

Why is Healthcare Scarce in Rural Communities? 

Cities are full of healthcare facilities. From primary care offices, to specialists and hospitals, urban communities are not usually lacking in options for healthcare. But in less populated areas, there are fewer healthcare facilities and a scarcity for healthcare providers. Because of this, those living in rural areas find themselves having to drive upwards of an hour to access healthcare. For annual checkups this might be a feasible option, but for unexpected visits or to manage chronic conditions, these barriers are significant. 

Bringing Accessible Healthcare to Rural Oklahoma and Kansas 

Xpress Wellness has several locations across the state of Oklahoma and Kansas, and continues to expand with new locations bringing healthcare to even more rural communities. And, because we understand that access to healthcare in rural areas poses a challenge for patients and providers, we continue to expand services offered through virtual visits.

Virtual primary care is one of the most powerful tools in bridging the gap between patients and their providers. Instead of driving long distances to receive medical care, primary care can be accessed anywhere. Virtual primary care is also an excellent option for managing chronic health conditions and medications – especially in rural areas. Being able to discuss changes in symptoms or adjusting dosages of medications can all be done through convenient video chats with your primary care provider. Virtual visits can also be conducted for non-emergencies such as illnesses, injuries, or behavioral health services. 

Accessible Healthcare For All 

Settling outside of the city doesn’t mean that you have to settle for subpar healthcare. By bringing accessible primary care to rural Oklahoma and Kansas, Xpress Wellness Urgent Care and our associated services connect our patients with quality healthcare, no matter where they call home. Whether you need an in-office exam at one of our many locations, or prefer to consult with your provider through a virtual visit, you’ll find the same quality of care from our skilled medical staff in every type of appointment. Begin your journey to overall wellness when you choose Xpress Wellness for your primary care needs.

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