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Xpress Wellness Nurses

Welcome to Xpress Wellness Urgent Care!

If you’re dealing with an illness or other health problems, finding the proper care can be an overwhelming task. Rest assured that if you come to our center, you will receive quality care from professionals who are passionate about helping you.

Our goal is to provide our patients with quality care at any time. Not only will you find quality care, but you will also form reliable relationships with our healthcare providers. We are here for you and anything that life throws at you.

Find a location near you and call or schedule an appointment online with us at your convenience!

We Offer the Following Urgent Care Services:

Our Mission:

Delivering high quality medical care in a manner that exceeds patients' expectations while promoting an employee friendly environment.

Our Vision:

We are a people company. We believe in our employees and genuinely care for those in our communities. We search for communities with little or limited access for episodic health care because we believe everyone should have access to state of the art health centers. We want our centers to be inviting and to provide cutting edge technology and a superior level of service. We want to propel our communities forward by providing an alternative to the financial burden of rising emergency room costs for non-emergent care. We provide an urgent care option that strives to exceed patient expectations, provides cost effective care and treatment options while providing employee friendly jobs to the local community. We invest in the lives of people, patients, employees and communities.