Treating non-life-threatening illnesses on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) and open seven days a week.

Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday: 1:00PM - 7:00PM

Xpress Wellness understands that urgent medical concerns can happen when your primary care provider is not available. That's why the team at our urgent care clinics are available to help you with your non-life threatening medical needs.

Accidents, injuries, and illnesses can happen at any given moment. Luckily, when they do, you can rely on Xpress Wellness Urgent Care to receive immediate, professional medical care. With over 10 Oklahoma urgent care locations, when you have an injury or illness needs immediate attention, you can get the appropriate care without the wait for an appointment with your primary doctor or the long wait times and high medical costs that come with most emergency room visit.

The Care You Need, When You Need It

Our urgent care facilities were designed to provide immediate care to all members of the community with an injury, illness, or another medical concern, all without the need to make an appointment first or excessive waiting times. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold when you have a medical concern. With multiple urgent care facilities near Oklahoma City and a range of immediate care services provided at each, it has never been more convenient to get the quality care you need.

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care clinics treat a wide range of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses that require immediate care. These include:
- Minor Fractures

- Colds, Flu, Fevers, and Viruses

- Earaches and Ear Infections

- Sprains and Strains

- Upper Respiratory Infection

- Bite or Puncture Wounds

- Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, Abrasions, and Burns

- Sports Injuries

- Work-related Injuries (workers comp)

- And So Much More

Do You Need Emergency Care?

Do You Need Emergency Care?

If you are concerned that your condition may be an emergency, please call your personal physician, 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 
Go directly to an emergency room if you have severe conditions such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting
  • Severe bleeding
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Sudden numbness or weakness
  • Unexpected dizziness or loss of balance
  • Moderate to severe burns
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Serious head, neck, or back injury
  • Excruciating headache
  • Loss of limb or obvious broken bone
  • Severe abdominal pain (fever or vomiting)

Check-In Online To Get The Immediate Care You Need

Whenever you are faced with non-life threatening medical symptoms, you can trust Xpress Wellness for quick, professional, and convenient medical care. To skip the line, check-in online at your nearest urgent care center.