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Facility Based Psychiatric Medicine Management

Our specially trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP) provide psychiatric care to nursing facilities across Oklahoma. Our practitioners prioritize personal, face-to-face interactions with residents and closely collaborate with your facility team to provide the best possible care for each individual we treat.

What sets our services apart?

What truly distinguishes our team at Xpress Wellness is our unwavering commitment to quality and personalized care. We conscientiously limit each provider’s caseload, allowing us to conduct regular rounds throughout the week. This approach enables us to spend more time collaborating with your core team, including the Director of Nursing (DON), Administrator, Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON), and MDS coordinators, among others. By doing so, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of your facility and residents.

A dedicated psychiatric provider is assigned to each facility, fostering a strong, integrated relationship with your team. We view ourselves as an extension of your staff, ensuring that when issues arise and interventions are required, you can directly reach out to us through our dedicated cell phones. These interventions are an essential component of the required documentation process, all with the ultimate goal of preserving the residents’ home environment.

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Meet the Psychiatric Medication Management Team


Randi John, PMHNP-BC


Libby Sarwinski, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Linda Adams, APRN-CNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Angela Phillips, APRN-CNP, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Lori Scott, PMHNP-BC

Executive Director of Psychiatry Services-Long Term

In 2023, V Psych Oklahoma, an established group of psychiatric nurse practitioners, became part of the Xpress Wellness team. This provided the opportunity for Xpress Wellness to expand clinic based psychiatry services into nursing homes throughout Oklahoma and in the rural communities we serve.