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En Xpress Wellness Urgent Care, entendemos que el éxito de su negocio depende de la salud y el bienestar de sus empleados. Los accidentes, las enfermedades, los días de baja por enfermedad y la pérdida de tiempo afectan la eficiencia, la productividad y las ganancias de su negocio. Es por eso que nuestros equipos de proveedores médicos certificados están comprometidos a que sus empleados regresen al trabajo de la manera más segura y rápida posible. Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer una variedad de servicios de compensación laboral y de salud ocupacional a las comunidades en las que servimos en Oklahoma y Kansas.

Occupational Health Services at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care:

Drug and Alcohol Testing

A sober workplace is a healthy workplace. We can ensure your employees are drug and alcohol free, whether it’s an initial employment screening, routine testing, or a response to problematic behavior. Our services include:

  • Urine drug screening Our clinics can perform both rapid and send-out drug screens including both DOT & Non-DOT options. We also offer an option to exclude testing for THC.  
  • Breath alcohol testing – Breath alcohol tests are used to estimate the amount of alcohol you have in your blood by testing the air you breathe out.  
  • Hair follicle testing – By taking a sample of hair we are able to detect drug use over a much longer period than urine tests. 

Evaluaciones Físicas

Up-to-date physical examinations are essential to maintaining workplace safety, especially if you work in an industry that requires the use of heavy machinery like a truck or bus. Our exams are quick, easy, and thorough. Our services include:

  • DOT physicals – This is an extensive examination required by the Department of Transportation that assesses a patient’s fitness to operate a commercial vehicle. What to bring to your DOT physical.
  • Bus driver physicals – State laws require all bus drivers to be evaluated before they are allowed to operate their vehicles.
  • General physicals – This comprehensive exam assesses both medical history and abnormal findings.

Immunizations and Titers

Preventing illness in your employees is a win-win situation. You can help protect not only the personal health of your employees, but the health of your business by avoiding sickness-related absenteeism. Our services include:

  • Influenza immunization – Xpress offers flu vaccines as an employer paid service.  We can also do onsite flu vaccine clinics if you have a large number of employees needing flu shots.  Please reach out to us for details. 
  • Tetanus immunization – This rare but severe disease can spread through broken skin contacting contaminated materials.
  • Antibody Titers – Blood tests that can detect certain antibodies to assess whether certain immunizations are needed.  Common titers include: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella and Hepatitis.

Laboratory Testing

Proper testing is crucial to identifying diseases and disorders in their early stages. Our thorough laboratory tests will detect any potential problems that may complicate your employees’ health. These tests include:

  • Orina – Urine can be tested to detect a variety of issues, including liver disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.
  • TB skin test – This test determines if a patient has an immune response to the pathogen that causes tuberculosis.
  • Additional testing options available upon request.

Bloodborne Illness & Exposure

In some industries, employees may come into contact with blood that carries pathogens. It’s essential to provide both vaccinations against common diseases and tests to ensure that no pathogens have spread in the event of exposure. We can help protect the health of your workers. Our services include:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination – Any employee who may come into contact with blood is required to be offered this vaccination by their employer.
  • Hepatitis C testing – Hepatitis is a severe liver disease that can only be detected through blood tests.
  • HIV 1 and 2 testing – HIV often carries no early symptoms, making testing a necessity to be certain of an employee’s safety.

Heavy Lifting and Grip Testing

It’s crucial that employees who do physically demanding work are fit to do it safely. We can not only ensure that they are capable of performing specific tasks, but also provide you with information about their limitations. Our services include:

  • Heavy lifting test – This test assesses an employee’s ability to safely lift a given weight.
  • Jamar grip test – The Jamar test measures the force an individual can apply by squeezing.
  • Radiografía lumbar – This radiographic evaluation tests for injuries, disorders, or diseases that affect the spine.

Other Services

Our services are not limited to what is listed above. If you’re looking for any other occupational medicine services, we encourage you to reach out to us. A few other miscellaneous options include:

  • EKG – An electrocardiogram evaluation tests the electrical activity in a patient’s heart.
  • Respiratory clearance fit test – This evaluation determines whether or not an employee is fit to wear a respirator. 
  • Espirometría – This test measures the amount of air a person can move in and out of their lungs.
  • X-rays – Our full service X-ray machine can detect a wide range of injuries and illnesses like broken bones, joint problems, and pneumonia.

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