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Política de Privacidad

Internet privacy policy

The medical providers at Xpress Wellness Urgent Care understand the need for all websites to have a comprehensive and clear privacy policy. Protecting the privacy and safety of our customers is one of our most important duties. That is why we are providing the following protections and safeguards.

Protecting children

The Xpress Wellness Urgent Care website will have no information that is inappropriate for children of any age. While some information may deal with subject matter such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction or other areas, the information will be presented in a purely scientific and educational format. This site will not link to sites that are inappropriate for children to view.

Email security

Any emails you send through this site will be protected. At no time will we sell or give away your email address or personal information to any third-party organization under any circumstance. In addition, Xpress Wellness Urgent Care conducts special email-based services, such as newsletters and convenient forms. At no time will email addresses collected for these purposes be distributed to the public or to any third party. This will help ensure the privacy of your Internet usage.

IP address tracking

This site does track IP addresses. An IP address is a sequence of numbers that identifies each unique computer accessing our site. This information will not affect your privacy in any way.

Medical information

In conformity with United States law and American Medical Association practices, any medical information given to us by you over the Internet is protected under strict doctor-patient confidentiality rules. At no time will it be displayed on the website or emailed to other doctors or third parties. See our complete HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (download) below.

Web logs

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care does currently have basic Web log services, though they are used solely for measuring site traffic.

Have questions?

If you have any further questions concerning this site or its privacy policy, please contact us.

For complete Xpress Wellness Urgent Care privacy practices and HIPAA information, download the document below.