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Xpress Wellness Facility-Based Care offers high quality, personalized medical and behavioral health services to individuals living in nursing homes, assisted living and other residential care settings. Our specialty trained team of physicians, nurse practitioners and counselors travel to the facilities we partner with offering face-to-face primary care, psychiatric care and counseling services tailored to your facility.

When you partner with Xpress Wellness, you will have peace of mind knowing we prioritize:

Facility-Based Services Include:

Primary Care

Our team of physicians and mid-level practitioners dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate and timely care to residents of nursing homes and other residential care settings.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners provide medication management psychiatric care to nursing facilities across Oklahoma.


Providing face-to-face behavioral health counseling services for residents struggling with a variety of mental health concerns.


Wound Care Consultation

Doctorate-level Nurse Practitioner specializing in wound treatment and management works closely with your patients and staff to ensure wounds heal quickly and preventative measures are implemented to minimize the risk of future skin issues.

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Types of Facilities We Partner With:

Skilled Nursing Facility

Long Term Care Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Group Homes

Memory Care Facilities

Independent Living Communities