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Behavioral & Mental Health: The Benefits of Counseling 

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced lives that we lead. Even the most calm and collected individuals aren’t immune to pangs of anxiety, depression, or burnout. These feelings are normal, but some people experience their full weight – from distracting to disabling, the effects of mental health struggles can affect anyone. When isolation, despair, or worry begins to set the tone for everyday activities, trained professionals can help people regain peace and balance through counseling. The benefits of counseling are numerous, making it an invaluable component of overall behavioral and mental health. 

Who Does Counseling? 

Both licensed clinical social workers and counselors are trained professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help individuals navigate through their respective behavioral and mental health challenges. They’re able to teach their patients effective coping mechanisms and provide valuable insight and tools that are tailored to the unique goals of each individual. These resources help patients establish healthier thought patterns and behaviors that they can utilize whenever their mental or behavioral struggles become overwhelming. 

Counseling is a Safe Space 

One of the biggest advantages of counseling is the safe and confidential space created between a counselor and their patient. Thoughts and emotions can be disclosed without any judgment, leaving individuals feeling less weighed down by the burdensome effects of mental and behavioral health struggles. This therapeutic environment allows for exploration and explanation of the stress, sensations, and worries that individuals feel – which can in turn reduce their intensity and provide relief. 

Gain Understanding 

Understanding why we feel the way we do and taking stock of our thoughts and emotions can be a stress-relieving aspect of counseling. Working through patterns, thought processes, and physiological symptoms are all areas in which a licensed counselor can help individuals gain understanding and create action steps to regain a sense of peace. Techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are just some of the methods individuals can learn through counseling to employ in their everyday lives. 

Build Confidence 

Counseling can help individuals take control of their lives. By providing the tools and support needed to navigate their own personal challenges, counseling helps build resilience and confidence. This sense of empowerment extends beyond counseling sessions, touching every aspect of an individual’s life. Finding the strength to break unhealthy patterns, reinforcing positive thoughts and habits, and overcoming addictions or phobias can be overcome through the help of a licensed counselor. 

Improve Communication and Social Skills  

Effective communication sometimes falls to the wayside in the face of behavioral or mental health challenges. Counseling helps individuals regain, develop, or refine their communication skills so that they are able to foster healthy relationships. The cognitive tools discussed and practiced through counseling can also help individuals develop clearer thinking, enhance problem-solving skills, and maintain a rational mindset during times of stress.

Counseling in Tandem with Medication 

Some patients find the most success and lasting relief through a combination of both counseling and prescription medications. The use of medication may be temporary such as during isolated life events or specific concerns, while other patients may benefit the most by staying on medications long-term. Whichever the case may be, counselors will work closely with healthcare professionals to help create treatment plans and monitor or manage medications and dosages according to the patient’s needs. 

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care and Your Path to Whole Wellness 

At Xpress Wellness Urgent Care, we have licensed counselors who are experienced with a variety of behavioral and mental health concerns. Most sessions are done virtually to provide patients with convenient, flexible options. And, if medication is needed, our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners will work closely with patients and counselors to ensure that the most effective treatment plan is in place. Schedule a chat with one of our coordinators  to be matched with a therapist that best fits your needs, and embark on your journey to whole wellness. 

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