Our Providers

Scott Williams, DO

Scott Williams, DO

Chief Medical Officer

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care is an Oklahoma-based private company led by Dr. Scott Williams. Dr. Williams graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He served as the Chief of Staff for Great Plains Regional Medical Center in Elk City, Oklahoma, and has been in family practice since 1999 with special interests in obstetrics and sports medicine.

Dr. Williams leads Xpress Wellness Urgent Care's team of experienced providers who are passionate about helping patients.

Supervising Physicians

  • Dr. Syed Ahmed, M.D.
  • Dr. Brian Bluth, MD
  • Dr. Kevin Conaster, D.O.
  • Dr. Bruce Cornett, D.O.
  • Dr. James Cornwell, D.O.
  • Dr. Keenan Ferguson, D.O.
  • Dr. Brett Grobman, DO
  • Dr. Matt Haney, DO
  • Dr. Khalida Mahdi, M.D.
  • Dr. Patrick Martin, M.D.
  • Dr. Nathan Norris, M.D.
  • Dr. Margo Short, M.D.
  • Dr. Tyrel Somers, M.D.
  • Dr. Stephen Treadwell, D.O.
  • Dr. Darrin Webster, D.O.
  • Dr. Sameer Zafar, M.D.



  • Tiffany Forster, APRN-CNP
  • Sarah Laing, APRN-CNP


  • Martha McCabe, APRN-CNP
  • Morgan Stuke, APRN-CNP


  • Ashley Davies, APRN-CNP
  • Derek Smith, APRN-CNP
  • Rachel Wrany, APRN-CNP


  • James Le, PA-C
  • Kaletha Hightower, APRN-CNP

Dodge City

  • Brenda Dinges, APRN-CNP
  • Marie McEntee, PA-C


  • Kylie Starnes, APRN-CNP
  • Grace Peters, PA-C

Elk City

  • Brook Hightower, APRN-CNP
  • Sadie Potter, APRN-CNP


  • Kendra Gore, APRN-CNP

Great Bend

  • Jill Burbank, PA-C
  • Elisabeth Hinkle, PA-C


  • Randalyn Button, APRN-CNP
  • Candace Herrin, APRN-CNP
  • Tovan Tran, PA-C


  • Monica Wilder, APRN-CNP
  • David Levin, APRN-CNP


  • Susan Armour, APRN-CNP
  • Katherine Nguyen, APRN-CNP
  • Theleka Williams, FNP-S


  • Elizabeth Graham, APRN-CNP
  • Tiffany Landa, APRN-CNP


  • Rocky Arrasmith, PA-C
  • Adam Makin, PA-C

Ponca City

  • Angela Colborn, APRN-CNP
  • Jenna Specht, PA-C


  • Diane Slough, APRN-CNP
  • Kelsey Glazier, PA-C
  • Lacy Gibbon, APRN-CNP


  • Chris Gideon, APRN-CNP
  • Amanda Rasmussen, APRN-CNP
  • Lisa Warrington, APRN-CNP


  • Beverly Aiello, APRN-CNP
  • Susan Hightower, APRN-CNP


  • Allison Foster, APRN-CNP


  • Marilyn Becker, APRN-CNP
  • Kristi Cooksey, APRN-CNP
  • Kyndel Dillard, PA-C
  • Kim Elrod, PA-C
  • Marysue Farris, APRN-CNP
  • Tara Huynh, APRN-CNP
  • Debra Johnson, APRN-CNP
  • Rubi Litteral, APRN-CNP
  • Emily Ogden, APRN-CNP
  • Jaimie Perry, APRN-CNP
  • Heather Rowell, APRN-CNP

Treating non-life-threatening illnesses on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) and are open seven days a week.

Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday: 1:00PM - 7:00PM