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Prueba de COVID-19 Prueba

COVID-19 & COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care offers FDA approved COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 antibody testing at all of our urgent care locations. These tests are covered by most insurance plans and cash pay options are available. Learn more about COVID testing below.

Due to the high demand for COVID-19 testing, checking in online is encouraged to save your spot in line. This does not guarantee a specific time to be seen or tested but helps reduce your wait time. You may also get your testing done by virtual appointment with the provider and an on-site testFind a location to check in online.

PCR Prueba Rápida de antígeno Prueba de anticuerpos
Type of Test Nasal Swab Nasal Swab Blood Test
Test Looks For Virus RNA (genetic material) Proteins on the surface of the virus Immune system markers of infection
Timeline for Results 2-4 Days, but may be longer During your visit During your visit or 2-4 days, if sent to lab
Covered by Insurance In most cases, yes In most cases, yes In most cases, no
Currently Available? Yes Yes Yes
Test Processed 3rd party lab (Quest Diagnostics)* In the clinic In the clinic

*Additional charge for lab work for PCR tests, additional tests may increase the total cost of your visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the questions that we are frequently being asked about COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 antibody testing. Please review and if you have any questions about COVID-19 testing or what our clinics are doing to keep our patients and team members safe, contact us.

Yes. All patients who are sick or exposed need to see a provider for a COVID-19 test. Provider visits are necessary to determine whether or not the person may still have need for quarantine or isolation.

A COVID-19 test will involve swabbing the inside of the patient’s nose with a skinny swab. The process takes a few seconds.

The Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test shows results in 15 minutes. Results for the rapid antibody test are available in 15 minutes. Results for antibody tests sent to the lab will take longer. The COVID-19 PCR test typically takes between 2 to 4 days, but may be longer depending on regional lab capacity.

All testing requires being fully evaluated by our providers.

Travel destinations and airlines have different COVID-19 testing requirements. It is your responsibility to check with your airline and the destination in which you are traveling to ensure you meet their testing requirements. In many cases the antigen test is sufficient for travel. In other cases, the PCR test is needed. Check with your airline about what type of test they will accept. A send out PCR test can take 2-4 days, but could be longer. Please schedule your test in plenty of time to get your test results prior to flying. Xpress Wellness Urgent Care cannot ensure that PCR test results will always be available within the timeframes needed for travel.

All COVID-19 tests require a visit with an Xpress Wellness Urgent Care provider. Schedule your virtual visit online, stop by your closest Xpress Wellness clinic and have the test portion performed. You will receive a text message from Xpress Wellness Urgent Care link to be taken to your consultation with one of our providers. Your provider will discuss test results and plan of care. Once your virtual visit is complete, your provider will email your discharge instructions. If the patient is a minor, the guest and authorized guardian must be present to complete the virtual visit, discuss results, and plan of care.
You can schedule a virtual visit here.

COVID-19 Testing Results FAQs

You have come into Xpress Wellness Urgent Care and completed your COVID-19 test – so now what? Learn more below.

Rapid Antigen and Antibody Tests
You will be notified of your test results during your visit.

PCR Prueba
An Xpress Wellness Urgent Care team member will contact you with your results. You can also check the status of your results on the Quest Diagnostics website.
When you log on for the first time you will be prompted to sign up (create a new account). You will need to have an account to review your results.

Phone call requests to speed up the lab resulting process will not be possible by the clinic or lab. All labs are performed as they are received by the lab team.

Results are typically available in 24 hours – 96 hours. As the number of people being tested for COVID-19 increases, this number may fluctuate due to variables outside of our control. Some tests can take up to 4 days.

If you test positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, our medical provider will discuss isolation measures for your specific situation. Additional information from the CDC is available here: See CDC’s recommendations here.

If you test negative for the virus that causes COVID-19, our medical provider will discuss measures for your specific situation. Additional information from the CDC is available here: You can also see CDC’s guidelines here.