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COVID-19 Antibody Testing in Oklahoma and Kansas

How is This Test Performed?
This antibody test is a blood draw. Once drawn, the sample will be sent to our partner lab for processing.

How Soon Will I Get My Results?
Your sample will be sent to one of our partner labs for processing. It generally takes between 5-7 days for results to be processed by the lab.

What Does This Test For?
The antibody test is an IgG test that looks for evidence of an immune response to the virus known as COVID-19. An antibody is not usually detectable until 10 days or more after the onset of symptoms. It is useful for detecting a previous presence of an inactive infection.

What is the Difference Between Antibody Testing & Rapid/PCR Testing
Rapid and PCR testing types will determine if a patient currently has the virus. The antibody test will determine if a patient has the presence of IgG antibodies, which may suggest that the patient has had the virus in the past.