Primary Care With Xpress Wellness

Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases With Xpress Wellness

Xpress Wellness is committed to providing our Oklahoma patients with the best chronic disease prevention and management. In addition to providing urgent care, we provide primary care services, including the prevention and management of the following chronic conditions:

Heart Disease

Xpress Wellness can test for chronic heart disease, and then provide the appropriate plan of action for treating and managing any heart-related conditions. Chronic heart disease, like heart failure, requires life-long management, which Xpress Wellness is equipped to assist you with. We can help treat the cause of your heart disease, which in turn may alleviate the severity of your chronic condition, like prescribing medications and creating proper diet and exercise plans.


If you live with diabetes or suspect you may have diabetic symptoms, Xpress Wellness can determine the severity of your condition, diagnose diabetes, and create a treatment plan that is appropriate for you. Diabetes management with Xpress Wellness can include the following:

  • Diet Plan- knowing what foods to avoid, how much you should be eating, and the signs to be aware of in regards to blood sugar levels will help you manage diabetes.
  • Exercise Plans- let us help you determine what level of exercise you should be doing, and how to manage diabetes with a healthy exercise routine.
  • Medication- Insulin is the drug used by almost all diabetics to regular their blood sugar levels, and we can help you determine your insulin usage and delivery. 


Better known as high cholesterol, hyperlipidemia can be diagnosed by your doctor at Xpress Wellness. Managing high cholesterol can include providing plans for proper diet and exercise, as well as prescribing medications that help regulate cholesterol levels in the body. In many cases, diet and exercise are enough to get cholesterol levels under control, but Xpress Wellness can provide the proper medications to help you along on a path to a healthier life.

Lung Disease

Xpress Wellness can help you manage chronic lung diseases that affect your quality of life. Common chronic lung diseases include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic or recurring bronchitis, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis. The doctors at Xpress Wellness can help determine the cause of your respiratory distress, and provide a plan of action for managing your symptoms. This can include exercise recommendations, and medications that make living with chronic lung disease easier to manage. 

Let Xpress Wellness Provide You With Chronic Disease Management

We encourage you to come to Xpress Wellness for assistance in managing chronic conditions that can affect your everyday life. We are more than just an urgent care facility, as our goal also includes providing the residents of Oklahoma with quality, easy to access primary care. Schedule an appointment with us today at one of our locations around Oklahoma, and let us get started on putting together the proper plan of action for managing the conditions mentioned here, and many more. We love seeing our patients live happy, healthy lives, and we will help you achieve that goal. Contact us today!