Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine at Xpress Wellness

Looking for a Reliable Occupational Medicine Provider?

Partner with a reliable occupational medicine provider to give your employees access to the care and services they need. Contact us or find your nearest Xpress Wellness Urgent Care location for more information!

Occupational Medicine

Xpress Wellness’s services provide a comprehensive, effective management program for companies of all sizes.

Treatment of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Accidents happen, and you can count on Xpress Wellness to help your employees get back on their feet! Visit us for back injuries, fractures, sprains, minor traumas, and more. We offer professional and effective treatment for workers’ compensation injuries.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Are you looking to create a safer work environment for your employees? Drug and alcohol abuse not only affects the user, but it hurts those around them. Partner with us today to determine the most beneficial testing method that works best with your business.

Regulatory Evaluations

It’s important to uncover any medical problems in employees before they become serious and more costly. Visit us for annual wellness examinations, which make it easier for your business to comply with state and national regulations.

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Need a Sports Physical?

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care will donate $5 back to your school’s Athletic Department for any sports physical! Bring the flyer to any clinic location at the time of your physical. Return the signed flyer to your Coach or Athletic Director prior to September 30, 2022.